SharpCap Sensor Analysis (AP Series)

SharpCap sensor analysis being conducted on an OGMA camera

The SharpCap sensor analysis is a popular test used by amateur astrophotographers to evaluate the performance of their cameras.

You can see the actual result of our analysis for each cooled camera on their respective product pages:

Look for the interactive graphs.

How we conducted the SharpCap Sensor Analysis

We connected the camera to a MS Windows laptop using a USB 3.0 port on the laptop.

In SharpCap we selected the OGMA ASCOM driver to connect to the camera. 

Note that we didn't use the DirectShow driver because the USB transfer speed is slower with DirectShow.

SharpCap selection of the OGMA ASCOM driver

We ran two sensor analyses; one for High Conversion Gain (HCG) and another for Low Conversion Gain (LCG).

We configured the ASCOM connection for 16Bits, Raw format, Low Noise and High Fullwell Capacity.

OGMA ASCOM Driver Configuration


See the results near the bottom of their respective product pages: