OGMA AP08CC HDR IMX585 Color Cooled Still Image Astronomy Camera with Sony Sensor and Bonus Kit


OGMA AP08CC is one of the few astronomy cameras that delivers an HDR mode using the Sony IMX585 color sensor. 

Sensor: Sony IMX585 Color CMOS Sensor

Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Image Area: 11.2mm x 6.3mm

Mega Pixels: 8.3MP

Pixel size: 2.9 μm (square pixels)

Format: 1/1.2''

Amp-Glow: Zero Amp-Glow

Data Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0

USB Hub: 2 ports to share the USB connection

DDR3 Buffer: 512MB (4Gbit) sufficient for reliable data transfer over USB3.0 (1Byte = 8bit)

Full-well: 40Ke-

Cooling: 35°C below ambient (short exposures), or 45°C below ambient (long exposures > 1s)

HDR Mode and Firmware Upgrades

In addition to the more mature LCG and HCG modes, we're excited to include a brand new HDR mode, which is possible thanks to the newest Starvis2 technology from SONY. As we continue to refine and learn to use this innovative feature, we invite you to explore its capabilities and provide feedback. 

For optimal performance, please consult the AP08CC firmware upgrade guide to ensure your camera is always up-to-date. Your patience and input will help us enhance your experience.

Thank you for pushing the boundaries of astrophotography with us!


Why we love the IMX585 sensor?

Stars and faint nebulae have very different levels of brightness. A camera with high dynamic range capabilities can significantly improve the quality and detail of astronomical images by capturing fine details in varying light conditions.

The following video, by Sony, isn't specific to astrophotography, but it demonstrates the HDR capabilities of the STARVIS 2 technology at the core of the IMX585 sensor.

Cuiv Reviews a Sister of OGMA AP08CC

Aug 15, 2023


Camera Type

Digital still image


Sony IMX585 back-illuminated sensor (Color)


12.85 mm

Image Resolution

8 megapixels (3840 x 2160)

Pixel Size

2.9µm x 2.9µm

Image Area

11.2mm x 6.3mm

Max FPS at Resolution



24 FPS @ 3840x2160

35 FPS @ 2064x1386

120 FPS @ 400x400

47 FPS @ 3840x2160

72 FPS @ 2064x1386

240 FPS @ 400x400

Shutter Type

Rolling shutter

Exposure Range



1x – 150x


46 dB

Dynamic Range

 88 dB

Read Noise (LCG)

5.57 – 2.15 e-

Read Noise (HCG)

0.77 – 0.57 e-

Read Noise (HDR)

0.64 – 0.41 e-

QE Peak


Full Well



12bit or 16bit@HDR

DDR3 Buffer

512MB (4Gbit) sufficient for reliable data transfer over USB3.0 (1Byte = 8bit)

Data Connection Port


Data Hub

2 USB ports

Optical Path Connection

M42 x 0.75mm

Also, six M2.5 holes matching popular models of filter wheels and OAGs (requires M2.5 screws)

See optical path connections

Protective Window

Double-side coating protective Anti-Reflections (AR) glass

Spectral Range


Recording System

Still picture and movie

Camera Dimensions

Diameter 80mm x height 103mm

Camera Weight


Back Focus Distance



Two-stage TEC

Effective Cooling Temperature:

-35℃ below ambient under short exposure/ -40℃ under long exposure(> 1s)

Operating Temperature:

-5℃ to 50℃

Storage Temperature:

-10℃ to 60℃

Operating Relative Humidity:

0 to 80%

Supported OS

Microsoft® 10 / 11 (32 & 64 bit) OSx(Mac OS X)



Operating Voltage

12V DC power adapter supplied

Acceptable range for batteries: 11-14V DC

Please note that some parameters listed in the product specification tables of this website may undergo modifications as part of our continuous efforts to enhance the product's overall performance, usually through firmware updates. We assure you that when changes are made, it is to maximize the product's capabilities and enhance the user experience.

Status of Drivers and Native Integrations

The latest version of our ASCOM driver fully supports this camera.

In Linux, support is available through the INDI library since version 2.0.5 (December 1, 2023).

SharpCap has included native integration and a selector for the HDR read mode since v4.4.44388.

Native integration with software like N.I.N.A., APT, and FireCapture is in progress:

  • In N.I.N.A., the native integration is already available and can be used by installing a nightly build. 
  • In APT, registered users can use the native integration with HDR by downloading the preview version 4.32. Non-registered users can still use the HDR mode in APT through our ASCOM driver. Otherwise, wait for the public release of v4.32 around mid-December.
  • Native integration with FireCapture has been available since v2.7.14.
Anti-dew heater, inside view.

Anti-dew Heater

Like all cooled OGMA cameras, this camera has an anti-dew heater around the sensor protective window.

What's in the Box

Main package contents:

  • Hardside protective case
  • OGMA AP08CC Color Cooled Astronomy Camera with HDR mode
  • 12 Volt power adapter
  • High-speed USB3.0A cable

Bonus kit: