Main features of AP26CC & AP26MC

The versatile OGMA AP26CC and AP26MC cameras have been designed mainly for deep sky astrophotography; however, since they have cooled CMOS sensors, ultra-low readout noise, and zero amp-glow, they are also good for planetary astrophotography and microscopy.

The main features of OGMA AP26CC and AP26MC are listed below:

Sensor: Sony IMX571 CMOS Sensor (Color or Monochrome, depending on camera model)

Resolution: 6224 x 4168 pixels

Mega Pixels: 26MP

Pixel size: 3.76 μm (square pixels)

Format: APS-C

Amp-Glow: Zero Amp-Glow

Data Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0

USB Hub: 2 ports to share the USB connection

DDR3 Buffer: 512MB (4Gbit) sufficient for reliable data transfer over USB3.0 (1Byte = 8bit)

Full-well: 100Ke-

Cooling: 40°C below ambient