OGMA AP26CC Color IMX571 Cooled Digital Still Image Astronomy Camera with Sony Sensor and Bonus Kit


OGMA AP26CC is one of the few full-spectrum color astrophotography cameras that can deliver over 100Ke full-well with a Sony IMX571 color sensor. 

Sensor: Sony IMX571 Color CMOS Sensor

Resolution: 6224 x 4168

Mega Pixels: 26MP

Pixel size: 3.76 μm (square pixels)

Format: APS-C

Amp-Glow: Zero Amp-Glow

Data Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0

USB Hub: 2 ports to share the USB connection

DDR3 Buffer: 512MB (4Gbit) sufficient for reliable data transfer over USB3.0 (1Byte = 8bit)

Full-well: 100Ke-

Cooling: 40°C below ambient


Camera Type

Digital still image


Sony IMX571 back illuminated sensor (Color or Monochrome depending on model)


28.3 mm

Image Resolution

26 mega pixels (6224x4168)

Pixel Size

3.76µm x 3.76µm

Image Area

23.4mm x 15.7mm

Max FPS at Resolution



6.8 FPS @ 6224x4168

28 FPS @ 3104x2084

63 FPS @ 2064x1386

13.2 FPS @ 6224x4168

37.1 FPS @ 3104x2084

110 FPS @ 2064x1386

Max FPS at Resolution (Low Noise)



3.4 FPS @ 6224x4168 (Low Noise Mode is only available in All Pixel Readout Mode)

12.7 FPS @ 6224x4168 (Low Noise Mode is only available in All Pixel Readout Mode)

Shutter Type

Rolling shutter

Exposure Time

0.1ms – 3600s


1x – 100x


47.1 dB

Dynamic Range

86.8 dB (Low Noise Mode)

Read Noise (LCG)

1.48 – 3.23 e-

Read Noise (HCG)

1.32 – 0.82 e-

QE Peak


Full Well




DDR3 Buffer

512MB (4Gbit) sufficient for reliable data transfer over USB3.0 (1Byte = 8bit)

Data Connection Port


Data Hub

2 USB ports

Optical Path Connection

M42 x 0.75mm

Also, six M2.5 holes matching popular models of filter wheels and OAGs (requires M2.5 screws)

See optical path connections

Protective Window

Double-side coating protective Anti-Reflections (AR) glass

Spectral Range


Recording System

Still picture and movie

Camera Dimensions

Diameter 80mm x height 103mm

Camera Weight


Back Focus Distance



Two stage TEC

Effective Cooling Temperature:

-35℃ below ambient under short exposure/ -40℃ under long exposure(> 1s)

Operating Temperature:

-5℃ to 50℃

Storage Temperature:

-10℃ to 60℃

Operating Relative Humidity:

0 to 80%

Supported OS

Microsoft® 10 / 11 (32 & 64 bit) OSx(Mac OS X)



Operating Voltage

12V DC power adapter supplied

Acceptable range for batteries: 11-14V DC

5.5mm plug diameter

Center positive plug

Please note that some parameters listed in the product specification tables of this website may undergo modifications as part of our continuous efforts to enhance the product's overall performance, usually through firmware updates. We assure you that when changes are made, it is to maximize the product's capabilities and enhance the user experience.

Anti-dew heater, inside view.

Anti-dew Heater

Like all cooled OGMA cameras, this camera has an anti-dew heater around the sensor protective window.

OGMA back focus shortener

Back focus Shortener

Can be used to replace the default front plate of the camera. When installed, it reduces the distance from the flange to the sensor to 12.5mm.

OGMA No Desiccant Needed

What About Desiccant Tubes?

OGMA cameras use an innovative design to prevent internal condensation. It is unlikely that you will need desiccant tubes. If you ever need them, you can buy them online. For now, we're saving you the cost.

What's In The Box

Main package contents:

  • Hardside protective case
  • OGMA AP26CC Monochrome Cooled Astronomy Camera
  • 12 Volt power adapter
  • High-speed USB3.0A cable

Bonus kit:


OGMA warrants your product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year. OGMA will repair or replace a product or part which, upon inspection by OGMA, is found to be defective during one year following the date that you receive the equipment.

For specific details, read OGMA's limited warranty.

You Have Options

A camera like this is a significant investment. When you look at your options, we recommend calling each vendor (if you find their phone numbers) to see the support you'll get if you ever need help. 

OGMA is located in the United States and provides support in English and Spanish. We're amateur astronomers. We use the products we sell, and we understand you. 

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