Manual for OGMA GP662C, GP678C and GP678M Guide/Planetary cameras

Discover the ins and outs of the GP662C, GP678C, and GP678M Guide/Planetary cameras with guidance from both our engineering team and the user community.

While this manual covers a broad range of topics related to your camera's setup, operation, and maintenance, it intentionally does not delve into specifics about using your camera with third-party software applications. The use and mastery of such software are best supported by the extensive resources available on the respective software developers' websites. However, we recommend certain software that pairs well with your camera for optimal performance. Still, guidance on these applications should be sought directly from their sources to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

This dynamic manual is a collaborative effort, blending valuable insights from users like you with expert advice from our engineering staff. We view our customers as the true experts in astrophotography. As a continuously updated resource, we suggest bookmarking this page to access the latest tips and updates easily.

In our commitment to practicality, sustainability, and affordability, we've chosen not to print this manual. Keeping it digital ensures the content remains current, helps reduce the overall cost of your camera, and avoids unnecessary environmental impact by saving trees.

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