Analogic Digital Convertion and Region of Interest

The OGMA AP26CC and AP26MC cameras have a 16bit Analog Digital Convertion (ADC). It also have a 12bit output mode for hardware binning and smaller resolution.

Higher ADC allows capturing more tonal values, deeper shadows and smoother gradients.

Particualrly interesting to those who are doing planetary imaging and lucky imaging, the AP26CC and AP26MC cameras also support Region of Interest (ROI) at the hardware level. When the user selects a ROI, the camera only has to transmit data from a partial region of a sensor allowing the output of data at a higher framerate. The smaller the ROI size is, the higher the frame rate will be.

Frames per second (FPS) of the OGMA AP26CC and AP26MC in 16/8bit mode, USB3.0 / USB2.0 data transfer interface at different resolutions

Resolution 16bit ADC 8bit ADC
FPS on USB3.0 FPS on USB2.0 FPS on USB3.0 FPS on USB2.0
6224x4168 6.8 0.6 14.2 1.2
6224x4168 (Low Noise) 3.4 0.3 NA NA
3104x2084 28 3.6 37.1 7.0
2064x1386 63 8.5 110 15.7