Limited Warranty

OGMA Imaging Equipment by OGMAVision LLC

This warranty is effective January 1, 2022, and supersedes all other warranties as noted in brochures, instruction manuals, product packaging, etc.

What Does This Warranty Cover?

This warranty covers any defects or malfunctions in your new OGMA imaging equipment.

How Long Does The Coverage Last?

This warranty lasts 1 year from the day you receive your OGMA imaging equipment. Coverage terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the equipment.

What Will OGMA Do?

During the first 30 days from the date of of purchase OGMA will replace your imaging equipment if:

  1. You bought the OGMA imaging equipment directly from OGMA, and
  2. within 30 days from the date of purchase, you notify OGMA in writing that the imaging equipment did not work at all (“dead on arrival”) and the condition is confirmed by OGMA to be due to a hardware failure, or
  3. the new imaging equipment develops a hardware problem during the first 30 days from the date of purchase.

In any case, to qualify for a replacement, the equipment must be in a like-new condition with no cosmetic marks, scratches or other internal or external damages.

If you bought your OGMA imaging equipment through an OGMA authorized dealer, you must contact the dealer immediately and follow their warranty terms and conditions for any claims that arise during the first 30 days of ownership.

After the first 30 days from the date of purchase and during the first year of ownership, whether you bought the imaging equipment directly from OGMA or from one of OGMA’s authorized dealers, OGMA shall use reasonable efforts to repair or replace the defective product (using new or reconditioned parts or products at our discretion). OGMA will replace any defective or malfunctioning part at no charge. You are responsible for the cost of shipping to and from OGMA.

What Does This Warranty Not Cover?

Any problem that is caused by accidents, abuse, misuse, physical damage, alterations, unauthorized repairs, modifications or an act of God (such as a flood) are not covered. Also, consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty does not cover defects due to normal wear and tear and other conditions such as damage produced by the use of a power supply unit different to the one provided with your OGMA equipment.

Configurations issues of third party software aren't covered by this warranty.

How Do You Get Service?

In order to be eligible for service under this warranty you MUST proceed as follows:

  1. Contact OGMA using the contact form on this website and provide
    • proof of purchase,
    • phone number and email address that can be used to contact you, and
    • a written description of the problem.
  2. OGMA will contact you back to try to troubleshoot the issue remotely.
  3. If the issue cannot be troubleshooted remotely, OGMA will provide a RMA number with instructions for shipping the equipment to us.
  4. Once we receive your equipment, we will inspect it and contact you to give you the results of our inspection.
    • If the issue is covered under this warranty we will repair or replace the device or its parts free of charge.
    • If the issue isn’t covered under this warranty,
      • we will give you an estimate of the part and labor charges required to fix your equipment.
      • If you authorize the repairs, we will proceed to repair and then we will return the repaired equipment to you.
      • If you do not authorize the repair we will return the equipment to you upon payment of the shipping fee.

There is no charge for inspection.

The warranty period for the repaired or replaced product will not exceed the original warranty period. 

You must contact OGMA to obtain a RMA number prior to returning your product for warranty repairs. Items returned without a valid RMA number will not be repaired.

OGMA reserves the right to modify or discontinue, without prior notice to you, any model or style of your product.

How Does State Law Apply?

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

This warranty is valid to U.S.A. and Canadian customers who have purchased OGMA’s products directly from OGMA or from an authorized OGMA dealer in the U.S.A. or Canada. Warranty service outside the U.S.A. and Canada is valid only to customers who purchased from an OGMA Distributor or authorized Dealer in their specific country. If you are outside the U.S.A. and Canada please contact your local distributor or dealer for service.