OGMA cameras are like 3 cameras in 1

Discover the Universe with OGMA

High-quality astronomy cameras and accessories designed to bring the universe closer to you. From the profound depths of space to the sparkling dance of stars, capture it all with our carefully curated collection of astrophotography products.

Experience our commitment to excellence, backed by dedicated US-based support and down-to-earth prices.

Stellar gear, stellar service, stellar prices—that's OGMA.

Product Showdown

Nico Carver Puts OGMA to the Test Against a Modified Canon – See How They Scored!

Why Buy OGMA

O'Tilter and Camera Rendering

Experience & Quality

OGMA is a new brand, however our manufacturing partners have years of experience making similar products for other brands. We only put our name on products with proven reliability.

In addition, we go above and beyond in the process of quality control. We test every product in the US before shipping to make sure that you only get the best.

Camera connected to telescope

Driver Compatibility

OGMA cameras are some of the most compatible in the industry:

  • Our ASCOM driver provides wide support for OGMA in Windows.
  • Our cameras have native integration with popular astrophotography software such as N.I.N.A. and APT.
  • Since March 31, 2023 the INDI platform v2.0.1 supports OGMA on MacOS and Linux.
  • The modern INDIGO platform supports OGMA since v2.0-222.
USA Flag

United States Company

Unlike most of our competitors:

  • We are located in the US.
  • We ship our cameras from a US-based warehouse. 
  • We provide customer service from the US in both English and Spanish.
  • We can repair most technical issues in the US.

When you buy OGMA, you are supporting a US company on a mission to make astronomy more accessible and affordable for everyone. You are also stimulating competition and innovation, which should eventually help drive down pricing.

The Sky Doesn't Have To Be Your Limit

OGMA is the ideal camera for a less than ideal sky

As demonstrated by the images below, you can do astrophotography with OGMA under a light polluted sky, a full moon, and below average seeing conditions combined.

Of course, OGMA will shine even more under excellent skies.

ORION in HDR under 1 Hour

ORION in HDR Under 1 Hour

OGMA delivers incredible detail, low noise and high dynamic range even under a full moon

Color Astronomy Camera OGMA-AP26CC

Bortle 7 in midtown Raleigh, NC, USA

Seeing average

Full Moon

The Nebulosity of the Rosette Nebula (NGC 2237) taken with OGMA AP26CC (stars removed)

The Nebulosity of the Rosette Nebula

OGMA won't let you down if you have less than ideal conditions

Color Astronomy Camera OGMA-AP26CC

Bortle 7 in midtown Raleigh, NC, USA

Seeing below average