Firmware Update for AP08CC


All OGMA cameras of model AP08CC sold during 2023, will require this update.

If you bought your AP08CC in 2024, your camera already contains the 4.35 version of the firmware, which is the latest.

The main issues addressed by this firmware are:

  • AP08CC cameras with early firmware versions could become hot to the touch under certain conditions.
  • Under some circumstances, image bands could be observed while using HDR mode.

Files required (3.91 MB)

The compressed file above, contains the upgrade tool and multiple firmware versions. You should only use the latest version as determined by the FPGA number in the name of the firmware file.


  1. A Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 computer.
  2. A camera model AP08CC.
  3. The decompressed content of the ZIP file Ensure all files are in the same decompressed directory, as shown below.

Files for firmware update.

Steps to Update the Firmware

  1. Connect one extreme of the USB cable to the camera and the other extreme to a blue USB 3.0 port on your Windows computer.
  2. Connect the power cable and ensure the camera is constantly powered during the update.
    Camera connected.


  1. Double-click the file updatefw.exe. You will see a window asking you to select the camera.
    Main window of the firmware update tool.
  2. Select the camera that shows as "AP08CC". If you only have one camera connected, this should be the only option available, and it will be selected by default. We recommend connecting only one camera to your computer during this process to avoid mistakes. 
  3. Before installing the new firmware, identify the version that is currently installed. 
    To do so, click [Misc…] > [About…]
    Identify firmware version.
  4. Take note of the FPGA value listed, which, in this case, is 4.6. Yours may be different.
    Showing the current firmware version.

You should only apply the latest version as determined by the FPGA number contained in the firmware filename.

Click [OK] to close the version window.

  1. Click [Update…], and a window will open to select the appropriate firmware.

Select latest firmware


  1. Select the correct firmware that you want to apply. 
    - The filename should contain the model of your camera.
    - Apply only the newer update as determined by the FPGA number. 
    - It is not recommended to apply 
  2. A confirmation window will pop up. If everything looks OK, click [OK]


Confirm firmware update

  1. Wait until the update is completed. At the end, you will see a confirmation like this.

    Firmware update complete
  2. The update has been completed, and the camera is recommended to be powered off.