OGMA GP678C Guide/Planetary Color Astronomy Camera with Sony IMX678 Sensor

Key Features

Exceptional Color for Planetary Imaging: 

The GP678C excels in planetary imaging, capturing the intricate details and hues of planetary surfaces and atmospheric phenomena. 

Great for guiding:

Even though this is a color camera, its high sensitivity and low readout noise make it an excellent choice for guiding, providing accurate and reliable tracking for deep-sky imaging, and allowing you to use it for other purposes.

Capable of Deep Sky Imaging: 

The large 1/1.8" Sony IMX678 sensor is not just for planets; its size and high resolution of 8.29 megapixels (3840x2160) make it usable for deep sky astrophotography. Thanks to the sensor's large full-well capacity, high dynamic range, and the camera's sophisticated image processing capabilities, you can capture the sprawling beauty of nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters in rich, authentic colors.

Advanced Technology for Superior Performance: 

Incorporating Sony's latest STARVIS 2 technology, the GP678C offers exceptional performance in low-light conditions, ensuring that even the faintest celestial objects are rendered with clarity and depth. The camera's back-illuminated sensor structure enhances its sensitivity further, especially in the near-infrared spectrum, enabling detailed imaging even under challenging light conditions.

Smooth and Stable Data Transmission: 

The camera is equipped with a high-speed USB 3.0 interface and a generous 512MB DDR3 cache, ensuring fast, efficient, and stable data transfer. This setup minimizes frame dropping and maximizes the effectiveness of long exposures, making your astrophotography sessions more productive and enjoyable.


Technical Specifications

SensorSony IMX678(C)
Sensor size1/1.8'' (7.7x4.3)
Pixel size2.0μm (square pixels)
Exposure range0.1ms to 1000s

Please note that some parameters listed in the product specification tables of this website may undergo modifications as part of our continuous efforts to enhance the product's overall performance, usually through firmware updates. We assure you that when changes are made, it is to maximize the product's capabilities and enhance the user experience.