O’Tilter Back Focus and Tilt Adjuster for OGMA and Touptek Cooled Cameras


The controlling screws on the O'Tilter are accessible from the back of the camera, which doesn't require detaching and reattaching the camera to make precise adjustments.

Designed to be user-friendly, OGMA's O'Tilter Back Focus & Tilt Adjuster contains unique markings developed by OGMA to minimize the mental gymnastics often required when working with tilt adjusters.

With just 93mm of external diameter, the O'Tilter matches the central obstruction of a RASA 8 telescope.

Important dimensions:

  • The external diameter is 93mm
  • The back focus stays the same at 17.5mm
  • Every degree of turn of the screws represents approximately 1µm of displacement

O'Tilter is comparable to:

  • Octopi V2 Tilt Adjuster
  • Astrodevice Tilt Corrector
  • ASG Photon Cage

However, O'Tilter will be used specifically with OGMA AP26 series astronomy cameras and the latest Touptek ATR3CMOS cameras that share a similar design as OGMA.

Check out the O'Tilter manual and installation video.