OGMA Universal Filter Drawer (UFD) for Off-axis Guider (OAG)

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When using an OAG, it's crucial to position the OAG's prism exactly above the camera sensor. Traditional filter drawers often pose a challenge in predicting the final prism position of an OAG because they are connected to the imaging train using a large thread at the center. While tightening the tread, it is hard to know the final position of the prism.

This OGMA UFD can be connected using screws that are precisely placed to make sure that the prism of the OAG will fall at the required angle, consistently—no more guessing where the prism will be after tightening the threads.


This is a preliminary list:

  • All cooled OGMA cameras
  • Most cooled cameras from Touptek
  • Most cooled ZWO cameras featuring six M2.5 screw holes distributed around a 62mm circumference on the front face around the sensor
  • Some Player One cameras

We will continue expanding this list.

Back Focus Considerations

This product can add either 20mm or 21mm of back focus.

The main body of the UFD has a width of 20 mm.

We include a thread adapter/extender that adds 1mm of back focus and adapts the tread from M54 (F) to M48 (F).

What's in the Box?

  • 20mm wide body of the filter drawer with M54 (F) threads on both sides
  • Aluminum drawer for 2-inch mounted filters with M48 (F) thread
  • 1mm extender with M54 (M) and M48 (F) - used to increase the total width of the filter drawer
  • Thread adapter M54 (M) and M48 (F)
  • Multiple screws
  • Two Allen keys

Need more drawers?

In the coming days, we will post online the 3D models of the inside drawers used with the UFD so that anyone can print additional drawers.