O’Tilter is a back focus and tilt adjuster specific to OGMA AP26 series cameras. It is also compatible with the latest Touptek ATR3CMOS cameras that share the same design as OGMA’s.

Important dimensions:

  • The external diameter is 93mm
  • The back focus stays the same at 17.5mm
  • Every degree of turn of the screws represents approximately 1µm of displacement

Purpose and Benefits

O’Tilter by OGMA helps fine-tune optical back focus and tilt to achieve better focusing and pinpoint stars across the image field.

The controlling screws on the O'Tilter are accessible from the back of the camera; this is very convenient because there is no need to constantly detach and reattach the camera to the optics in order to perform the adjustments.

Designed to be user-friendly, OGMA's O'Tilter Back Focus & Tilt Adjuster contains unique markings developed by OGMA to minimize the mental gymnastics often required when working with tilt adjusters.

With just 93mm of external diameter, the O'Tilter matches the central obstruction of a RASA 8 telescope making the O’Tilter suitable for this type of optics.

Important Safety Considerations

The O’Tilter isn’t really heavy, but it is made of very hard, airspace-grade aluminum alloy; you will be sorry if it drops on your bare feet and hits you with the edge. Believe us.

Prioritizing safety and wearing shoes will keep your toes unscathed. Follow this advice to avoid toe-crushing experiences and enjoy your imaging nights worry-free!

Keep the O’Tilter, as well as the other small parts that come with it, away from children. Not sure why, but some children, especially the smaller ones, like to eat things they aren’t supposed to.

The O’Tilter has a ring that holds the camera. If the camera isn’t properly connected to the O’Tilter ring, it could slip off, fall to the ground, and damage itself. Falls aren’t covered by warranty. To make sure that the camera won’t slip off the O’Tilter ring:

  • Learn how to install the O’Tilter before trying to install it.
  • Insert the camera into the O’Tilter ring until it reaches the front of the ring.
  • Tighten the two tangential screws and never remove their spring lock washers.
  • Tighten the safety flat-tip screw at the TOP of the O’tilter ring.