Connecting the OFW to a camera

The recommended method for connecting the OFW to a cooled camera is to bolt it to the front plate of the camera. If you have replaced the camera's default front plate with the OGMA O'Tilter, you can use the same method, as the O'Tilter has holes identical to those on the camera's default front plate.

OFW Ogma Filter Wheel

Most cooled cameras have six tapped holes on the front plate around the opening of the imaging sensor. The six holes are distributed around a circumference of 62mm in diameter.

In the case of OGMA, ZWO, and PlayerOne, the screws needed have an M2.5 thread. We provide the screws. As you can see in the photo, they have a silver color.

In the case of QHY cameras, you will need to purchase four similar screws with an M3 thread.

Steps to bolt the OFW to a camera

Before you can bolt the filter wheel to a camera, you have to open the filter wheel and remove the carrousel to gain access to the holes used by the screws that will secure the filter wheel to the camera.

Follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the nine screws that hold the cover of the carousel in place.
  2. Remove the cover of the carousel.
  3. Unscrew the four little screws that hold the carousel to the brass center
  4. Use the provided four silver screws M2.5 to attach the filter wheel to the camera. You may have to rotate the camera until the holes align.
  5. Place the carousel back on the brass center and use the four tiny screws from step #3 to secure it. Don't apply too much pressure when screwing because the thread is thin and can be damaged very easily.
  6. Place your filters on the carousel and take note of their position. You will need this information to configure the software.
  7. Place the cover of the carousel and attach using the nine screws that you removed in step #1.

At this point, your filter wheel is connected to the camera, and the filters are placed on the carousel.



Video of Installation

Note: If you remove the four tiny screws near the brass center of the carousel, you will have better access to the holes that connect the filter wheel to the camera. However, the method described here is perfectly valid.