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DIY Newronian
admin / 02.05.2023

Multiple 6in f/5 Newtonians

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Rafael Fiol has designed and shared the model files of three excellent Newtonian telescopes that provide great optical quality at a very low cost, making them perfect for beginners who are capable of building things. Two of these scopes can be built using a 3D printer and parts that can be easily sourced; while the most advanced one will require access to a CNC shop.

The build quality of these telescopes is impressive, with solid shapes used throughout. The instructions provided by Rafael on his website are easy to follow, and the assembly process is straightforward. Once assembled, these telescopes are easy to use and provide crisp and clear images of the night sky.

One of the standout features of these telescopes is their portability. They are lightweight and quick to assemble, making them perfect for taking on camping trips or traveling to dark sky locations.


See how the author describes the version 2 of his 3D-printed telescope.

Models & Parts

All 3D files and the lists of parts can be found on the author's website,