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Camara rotator
admin / 22.04.2023

Camera Field Rotator With ASCOM Support

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This is a conversion of a manual field rotator into an electronic rotator with ASCOM support.

We start with a manual rotator similar to the one sold at AgenaAstro under the name Blue Fireball 360° Camera Angle Rotator with M42x0.75 #R-04 (also from Aliexpress) and we end with a fully ASCOM supported rotator.

The movement of the rotator is produced by a NEMA 14 stepper motor.

The software for this rotator was originally published on a website that no longer exists ( with some useful information posted on GitHub in French. The version posted here has been modified in order to use a smaller Arduino Nano. You will also use an A4988 Stepper Motor Driver and some hot glue.


Arduino firmware and ASCOM driver




  • direction : pin 4
  • step: pin 8
  • enable: pin 5

Other pins are completely optional.




Not available yet. Please contribute.



The Parts You'll Need

You will need:

  • 12V power source for Vmotor and driver
  • 3D printed parts (if you don't have a 3D printer, you can order prints online)
    • Material: PLA
    • Resolution: 0.2
    • Infill: 50 (Needed for strenght)
  • NEMA 17HS4401
  • M3 bolts with nut
  • M2 bolts for the small box
  • NEMA pulley 20 tooth
  • GT2 belt glued with CA

To Do

How can you help?

No INDI drivers are available. If you can write an INDI driver, or know someone willing to write it, please make it Open Source and share it here.

In order to build this project, it is necesary to purchase the manual camera rotator which can be quite expensive. Identifying an alternative that could help reduce the cost would be great. Please share your ideas.