OGMA UV/IR Cut Filter 36mm Unmounted with Blackened Edge for Astronomy


Edge treatmentBlackened
Physical thickness1.85mm
UV cut off< 400nm
IR cut off> 700nm
Transmission of visible light> 95%
Transmission off band< 0.1%
Surface quality60/40 (MIL-O-13830)
Surface polished1/4 wavefront
Surface parallelism< 30 seconds


OGMA UV/IR Cut Filter Graph


Even though each manufactured batch differs slightly, this is a typical transmission curve of our OGMA UV IR Cut filter.

As you can see, the following emission lines that are important for astrophotography are passing at > 95%.

  • Hydrogen Alpha (H-Alpha): 656nm
  • Sulphur II (SII): 672nm
  • Nitrogen II (NII): 654nm and 658nm


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